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External Dynamic List Manager

Manage all your firewall's external lists or feeds from a single location


Stop using custom scripts or software that you have to maintain to manage your external firewall lists.

Choose the easier, more reliable way.

Data Source Collection

Our portal connects to your external lists and ingests their data at a recurring check interval.

Support for JSON Filters

Apply filters to JSON data sources and select the data you want

Published your source(s) to a list URL

Combine sources into a published Dynamic List. Each list you create has a custom URL. Configure your firewall to read this URL.

Identify sources with data you want excluded from your list.

Source Templates

Don't know what you want? Want the simple answer?

Clone from our list of source templates. We have templates serving several categories. View our templates here.



Ingest several types of data sources

  • IP Address lists
  • URL or Domain lists
  • JSON
  • Manual entries

Filter your JSON data to retrieve specific data points

Dynamic Lists

  • Aggregate from 1 or more data sources
  • Exclude data found in 1 or more sources
  • Support for HTTP Basic Auth on URLs
  • Always HTTPS

Source Templates

Clone a Source Template and get working faster

Firewall Manufacturer Agnostic

Our lists output in a format that can be ingested by most major firewall manufacturers.

Pricing Plans


Perfect for individuals or testing

Limits on Lists and Sources
Max EDLs: 2
Max Sources: 4

Limits on check intervals
1, 6, or 12 hours

Single User

Online Docs. Only


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More suitable for production environments

No limits on lists and sources

No limits on check intervals
5, 15, 30 minutes, 1, 6, 12 hours

Customize HTTP Requests
GET, POST, custom headers, payload, authentication

Advanced EDL Filtering

Manage Multiple Users

Tag Based Permissions

API for Manual Sources

Advanced Security Options
Config Audit
User Auth Audit

Online Docs.
Open Ticket

$185 /Year

Buy Now

Managed Service Provider

Allow your clients to consume EDLs
Price based on clients using service

All features of Business

Custom hostname to serve EDL